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Frequent Questions

Why doesn't the video show when I search for something?

This is because it is still loading. It may be still scraping in the background. Wait 1-2 minutes, if nothing then no content was found. Your keyword may also be confusing, try typing in different combinations.

I don't want to use the video finder now, how do I turn it off?

Click the chrome extension on the top right, there is a power off button.

Can I use this software on a different device?

Only one key per device. This is to prevent misuse and abuse of our system.

What is the point of this software?

To find product videos much faster. Typically one would have to search each infdividually platform and perform endless scrolling to find a decent video. Our job is to bring everything to you with a simple search.

The tool is acting funny....

if the tool seems to be buggy at times, please close your Aliexpress page and reload it again.

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