Stop wasting time finding product videos

Find supplier and social media videos through aliexpress with a simple search.

Lots of ways to get product videos

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This is what our tool does…

Label Videos on Aliexpress & Alibaba

Drop Video highlights the listings with video and gives the user an option to download it. Additionally, it pulls all the listings with video to the top.

Download Videos Instantly

Drop Video also always the user to download any specific videos that pop up on the menu and listings labeled with video.

Search Related Videos on Social Neworks

Depending on the keyword you type on Aliexpress, a dialog box will shows the related videos on Youtube, Vimeo, & Pinterest. It gives you the link to them where you can instantly have access to it.

How Much Does it Show?

YouTube scrapes up to 50 videos

Vimeo scrapes up to 100 videos

Pinterest scrapes up to 20 videos

Instagram scrapes up to 100 videos

Facebook scrapes up to 100 videos 









The Drop Video Story

Everybody knows that if you're dropshipping with facebook and Instagram ads, you need bomb creatives. Part of the issue is finding content for your ads, its often time consuming and hard to find supplier fetched videos. After launching tons of products ourselves we find this problem to be one of the worst. Before you invest into custom content, droshippers often test the product with videos made online by other influencers and suppliers. This is to prevent wasting money as custom content cost minimum a couple hundred dollars.